Tea Masters Cup Singapore

The second edition of Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2018 is set to showcase our local talent in brewing and serving tea.

Launched in Moscow in 2013, Tea Masters Cup is an exciting international competition for tea professionals around the world. The winner(s) in each of the national event will advance to the World Championships. The competition aims to expand knowledge about tea, promote different varieties of tea, and encourage new approaches to preparing and serving tea. The event will be held in conjunction with Café Asia 2018. The competition will see top tea enthusiasts compete and demonstrate their skills in different event categories.

Winner(s) will take the Singapore title and tickets to compete in the Tea Masters Cup International World Competition. In 2017, Dave Lim from (Sun Ray Cafe) representing Singapore at the World Tea Masters Cup and won 3rd place the Tea Pairing Category.

Interested to join the competition? Reach out to angela@australianteamasters.com.au to find out more!