2019 - Xue Cafe

Colombian Mountain Coffee C.I.S.A.S  - Xue Cafe                    E11

Address            : Calle 63 no 3A-20

                          33155 Colombia

Tel                    : +57 3144 139114

Email                : olgal@xuecafe.com


With four generations working for more than a century in the coffee industry in the coffee industry, the vertical integration between the farm Mantantiales del Frontino and Colombian Mountain Coffee roaster and trade.


We accomplished a perfect synergy so that we could offer an exceptional cup of Colombian coffee to the world with the knowledge and effort of a team of experts.

We control and guarantee the whole process from plant to cup

The total capacity of gross production is nearly 1,000,000 kilos of coffee per year.

We offer specialty green and roasted coffee.


Product Listing:

  1. Coffee Processing: Specialty Coffee Roasters
  2. Raw Materials: Coffee Beans
  3. Services: Export/ Import Companies, Traders, Wholesales