2019 - Ecocafe SA

ECOCAFE SA                                                                           G07

Address            : Avenue Du Leman 18

                          Lausanne 1005 Switzerland

Tel                    : +41 79 815 9040

Email                : info@ecocafe.ch

URL                  : www.ecocafe.ch




ECOCAFE PLC is an innovative Swiss company active in the delicious & healthy caffeine drinks, pioneer in the bottled ICE CASCARA INFUSION.

On top of our Ready to Drink products, we have been managing our Barista Café & Specialty Coffee Boutiques under the brand CARASSO (Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Vevey, Morges), providing a unique all day long drink & food experiences along with specialty coffees roasted on site.

For CAFÉ ASIA 2019 we are present our ICE CASCARA INFUSIONS along with Biodegradable & Compostable Nespresso Coffee Capsule.


Product Listing:

  1. Raw Materials: Coffee Beans
  2. Others: Ready to drink infusion coffee capsules