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Ewimex Asia (S) Pte Ltd                                                           D15

Address            : 66 Tannery Lane,

                          Sindo Building, #01-03C,

                          Singapore 347805

Tel                    : +65 9722 2079

Email                : ashtiana@ewimexasia.com

URL                  : www.ewimexasia.com


Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand


Address            : Niederlassung Hamburg der DEK,

                          Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH,

                          Cafeastraẞe 1,

                          21107 Hamburg Germany

Email                : ashtiana.me@gmail.com

URL                  : www.aromat.de


Liquid Extracts

With our special fresh-brewing method (comparable to brewing at home). AROMAT CAFÉ liquid coffee concentrates/ extracts special products designed to match the customer’s requirements. The fully preserved fresh aroma and distinctive colour and characteristics of the final product in an exceptional way. Liquid coffee is a modern, unique ingredient for innovative coffee products in food industry. For commercial businesses, liquid coffee is becoming increasingly interesting as a complement to the traditional coffee products.


Product Examples

Gold Direct - An extremely fine blend, mild and aromatic harmonious enjoyment.

Extra Direct - 100% Robusta Quality, strong body, less acidity.

Organic Direct - 100% Arabica Quality, mild acidity and distinct coffee flavour.

Cold Brew Direct - 100% Arabica Quality, intensive flavour, floral fragrances, chocolate note, fruity acids.


Product Listing:

  1. Bakery Supply: Baking Agents, Raw Materials and Ingredients, Ice Cream and Ice Cream Manufacturing, Pastry-making items
  2. Coffee Processing: Coffee Roasting Machinery, Specialty Coffee Roasters
  3. Tea Industry: Manufacturers of Tea Extract
  4. Others: Coffee Packaging, Exporter of Raw Products, Liquid Coffee Extract Concentrates