2019 - Mellower Coffee

Mellower Coffee                                                                      E17

Address            : 5 The Hub, 99 Shaohong RRoad

                          Minhang District, Shanghai, PRC, China


Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand

Mellower Coffee (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Address            : 108 Middle Road, #01-01

                          Singapore 188967


Mellower Coffee is a Chinese specialty coffee leader focusing on specialty coffee and supported by the construction of a whole industrial chain.

Ever since its foundation in 2011, Mellower Coffee, with its original aspiration of “just for a cup of good coffee”, has been enhancing its professional strength with dedication and professionalism and introducing excellent coffee products and advanced specialty coffee culture worldwide into China’s coffee market, in an effort to provide quality coffee for its consumers and improve their delicate lifestyle through its professional strength and platform resources.


Product Listing:

  1. Raw Materials: Coffee Bean
  2. Others: Drip Bag Coffee/ BIB Coffee Axtract