2019 - NLYTech BioTech Sdn Bhd (RiceStraws)

NLYTech BioTech Sdn Bhd (RiceStraws)                                  K08

Address            : Penang SME Centre, L2-7A,

                          Plot 105, Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone,

                          11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Email                : kenzo@nlytech.com

URL                  : www.ricestraws.sg


Eco-friendly and Edible Rice Straws that last longer, cost cheaper and leave no waste for future generations.

Biodegradable Rice Straws made from 100% natural ingredients (HACCP/ ISO22000 Manufacturing Standards) (Halal Certified).


Product Listing:

  1. Coffee Processing: Coffee Roasting Machinery, De-Caffeinators, Roasters, Roasting Machines, Specialty Coffee Roasters
  2. Machinery & Equipment: Brewing & Grinding Equipment, Café Interior Design, Café Utensils, Coffee & Tea Accessories, Coffee Brewing Equipment, Coffee maker, Filters, Ice-Cream maker, Kitchen Equipment, Packaging Equipment Paper, Pods, Refrigeration System Franchising, Tea Maker
  3. Packaging/ Paper: Coffee Filter Paper, Packaging Machine, Teabag Paper
  4. Services: Agents, Associations, Brokers, Baker, Bakery, Designers, Cleaning and Hygiene, Export/ Import Companies, Interior Designers, Logistics, Research & Development, Tablesware, Thermo Cooling System, Trade Media, Traders, Training & Education, Wholesales
  5. Tea Industry: Manufacturers of Tea Extract, Processing Machines, Specialty Suppliers, Tea Leaf Roasting Machinery
  6. Others: Coffee packaging,, Distributors, Exporter of Raw Products, Industrial and Specialty, Roasting Equipment Grinders, Spares & Components, Transport, Warehouse