2019 - Riffelmanns - My Mustard

Riffelmanns – My Mustard                                                        TBA

Address            : An der Gleier 47

                          57392 Schmallenberg


Tel                    : +49 151 74008 4111

Email                : info@riffelmanns.de

URL                  : www.riffelmanns.de


Nestled in the tranquil pine forests of the undulating Sauerland region, in the Heart of Germany offers the best conditions for our handmade mustard. In this beautiful countryside, we completely renovated a 20sqm historic-formerly beekeepers’ – cottage situated in our grandmother’s garden and started to manufacture gourmet food.

Two large millstones – each weighing more than 600pounds, crunch and grind premium whole grain mustard seeds into high-end condiments pastes. In the traditional way of cold-grinding, our slow-turning granite stones allow all the healthy ingredients – like ethereal oils & spicy flavours to protrude.

Our sophisticated but aroma-conserving procedure demands full devotion to pure handcraft.

You are warmly invited to try our mustard’s extraordinary quality and texture.

This is what we love.

This is My Mustard.


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