2019 - Asia Supply Trading Pte Ltd

Asia Supply Trading Pte Ltd                                                    D21

Address            : 7 Soon Lee Street

                          ISPACE #05-26

                          Singapore 627608

Fax                   : +65 6245 6375

Email                : fion@asiasupply.com.sg

URL                  : www.asiasupply.com.sg


Asia Supply is one stop solutions for water filtration and water quality products for restaurants, cafes and other commercial needs.

Asia supply are able to help restaurant/ café owner to get the best water quality out from our filtration system and providing water dispenser to produce sparkling water.

Asia Supply also provide can sealing machine whereby restaurants/ cafes are able to do self-canning their beverages and serve to their customer.


Product Listing:

  1. Machinery: Kitchen Equipment
  2. Machinery & Equipment: Café Utensils, Filters, Kitchen Equipment, Packaging Equipment Paper
  3. Packaging/ Paper: Packaging Machine
  4. Others: Sparkling Water Dispenser