2019 - Texture Maker Enterprise Co., Ltd

Texture Maker Enterprise Co., Ltd                                           F16

Address            : 12F., No. 27-10, Sec. 2,

                          Zhongzheng E. Rd., Tamsui Dist.,

                          New Taipei City 251,

                          25170 Taiwan (R.O.C)

Tel                    : +886 2 2808 3280

Fax                   : +886 2 2808 3480

Email                : services@texturemaker.net

URL                  : www.texturemaker.com.tw


With over 110 team members, Texture Maker Enterprise Co., Ltd is a food ingredient R&D center and also a premix manufacturer. We have an R&D team dedicated in developing new food textures and creating innovative mouthfeel. We use the most updated way to improve the traditional food and we know the trend all around the world. In the meantime, we set up market data base for our customers to check and we provide versatile supports and services to our business partners.


Product Listing:

  1. Bakery Supply: Baking Agents, Raw Materials and Ingredients, Bread & Jam Products, Desserts, Flour, Part-Bakes and Finished Products
  2. Machinery: Bakery and Pastry-Making Machinery, Kitchen Equipment
  3. Raw Materials: Tea Leaves
  4. Services: Bakery, Export/ Import Companies, Traders