2019 - Cashdro Technologies Pte Ltd

CashDro Technologies Pte Ltd                                     B15

Address            : #02-161, IMM Building,

                          2 Jurong East Street 21

                          Singapore 609601

Email                : aq@cashdro.com.sg

URL                  : www.cashdro.com.sg


Cashdro is a smart cash handling system that automatically accepts, validates and dispenses notes and coins with change refund. It eliminates cashier handling of cash, improves the security of the establishment, the staff productivity and the customer service. Together with the TQIOSK, Point of Sales, CashDro’s compact cash recycler solution complements the cashless payment solution to make a complete solution for various segments of retailing business such as Café, Restaurant, Foodcourt, Bakeries, Fastfood, Supermarket, Hair Salon, Pharmacies, and other specialties retail outlets.


Product Listing:

  1. Others: Point of Sales, Cash, Cashless Payment System, Order and Payment Kiosk