2019 - Eurobizasia Pte Ltd

Eurobizasia Pte Ltd                                                                  B18

Address            : 30 Cecil Street,

                          #19-08 Prudential Tower

                          Singapore 0499712

Email                : info@eurobizasia.com

URL                  : www.eurobizasia.com


Eurobizasia is a Singapore-based agency for Italian brands in the South-East Asia region. In this exhibition it will introduce the company Resto Italia to the Asian markets. Resto Italia produces high quality ovens, spiral mixers and other equipment in the catering industry.


Product Listing:

  1. Bakery Supply: Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer
  2. Machinery: Kitchen Equipment
  3. Machinery & Equipment: Ice-Cream Maker, Kitchen Equipment
  4. Mixer: Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer
  5. Oven: Deck Oven, Combi Oven, Pizza Oven