2019 - Bakening Pte Ltd

Bakening Pte Ltd                                                                      H03

Address            : 2 Mandai Link #03-01

                          Singapore 728664

Email                : hello@bakening.co

URL                  : www.bakening.co


Gluten Free Real Food: Everything we bake is flourless, Paleo & Vegetarian or Vegan. All free from all grains, gluten, dairy, refined/ artificial sugar, soy, additives, gums, colouring and preservatives.

Our vegan & paleo cookies also make for an addictive crunchy snack with a 1 year shelf life at ambient conditions.


Product Listing:

  1. Bakery Supply: Bread & Jam Products, Desserts, Part-Bakes and Finished Products
  2. Services: Baker, Bakery, Export/ Import Companies, Wholesales