Pure Eddiction | Booth D07 (2017)

Pure Eddiction Pte Ltd                                              D07

Address : 180, Paya Lebar Road,

    #01-05 Singapore 409032

Tel         : +65 6746 2747

Fax        : +65 6271 0230

Company Profile

Pure Eddiction Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1998 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing gourmet cakes, pastries and bread to the foodservice industry in Singapore. Over the years, we have been supplying to a wide spectrum of establishments which includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers and supermarkets.
Besides offering items in our product catalogue, we have evolved into a central kitchen producing customized items for our clients using recipes that they provide to us. This allows our clients to leverage on our economies of scale as a manufacturer and wholesaler as well as take advantage of our existing production facilities. Many local franchisees were also able to save on shipping costs and time as well as obtain better operational controls as they now have an option of getting what they need locally without the need to import.

Description of Exhibits

Savour our fine and unique taste of artisan gourmet cakes for your occasions and events. Our recipes of various cakes will match to your liking and we can also provide the customized cakes to cater to your cravings. Caterers and party organisers will find our slab cakes to be more suitable as they can tailor the cutting size and pricing range to fit their memorable parties and events.
Pure Eddiction’s Macaroons, Muffins and Finger French Pastries are the perfect combination for your teatime. Their delicacy and sweetness will make you smile with contentment. For those who prefer to create your own masterpiece, Pure Eddiction offers various quality artisan bread and thin crust pizza bases. Your mastery in aid of our products will be perfect as far as your imagination limits. 
Last but not the least, Pure Eddiction will serve your establishment with OEM products. You are welcomed to utilise our bakery skill and state of the art machines to soften your own manufacturing expenses.


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