Kaffa Kaldi Pte Ltd | Booth D21 (2017)

Kaffa Kaldi Pte Ltd                                 D21

Address : 1F/1G Senoko Crescent

                Singapore 758289

Tel         : +65 6752 8310

Fax        : +65 6753 8087

Email     : derrick@kaffakaldi.com

URL       : www.kaffakaldi.com

Company Profile

Kaffa Kaldi is a Singapore company established since 1997, with ISO: 22000:2005 and ‘Halal’ certifications. As a coffee specialist and a One-stop shop solution provider, our clients span across HORECA industries and avid coffee aficionados.
We specialize in freshly roasted gourmet and specialty coffees, customized coffee blends, OEM and private labels for clients. Our products also include Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) powder mixes for frappes, 3-in-1 beverage sachets, Organic Cold brew, Nitro Coffee, etc. You can buy from our online shop, too!
We provide major international brands of semi automatic and fully automatic coffee machines cater to different user’s needs. We distribute the innovative Ripple Maker which creates beautiful images, photos, or text on beverages and food surfaces customized affectionately for the customers.
At Kaffa Kaldi, we are committed to sharing our love for coffee with you. We spread the love of coffee worldwide.


Description of Exhibits

Ripple Machine
(Click HERE to view brochure)

Schaerer Coffee Soul Machine
(To be launched in April 2017)

Organic Jeju Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Drip
Coffee Concentrate


RTD Cold Brew Coffee
with Fruit Base


RTD Cold Brew Americano
with 15 to 20% coffee concentrate


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