Lighttells Co., Ltd. | Booth D25 (2017)

Lighttells Co., Ltd. | Booth D25

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Jack Lin
Lighttells Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Lighttells was established in March 2014 by a group of professional skilled IT engineers. We focus on spectrum technology for food inspection and we have invested a lot of resource on developing food inspecting applications.
Since our engineers are coffee lovers, we create products that specifically target coffee quality improvement, packed with innovative design for advanced, good quality and friendly coffee inspecting related instruments.
Through advanced technology and sophisticated facilities, Lighttells is determined to provide superior design, service and quality control. Listening to feedback from customers and materializing their needs are our promises.

Description of Exhibits

CM-100 is an instrument that measures the Roast degree of roasted coffee beans or ground. For coffee roasters who want a lower-cost alternative to World standard Agtron, CM-100 is the best choice on price, user-friendly and accuracy. It is recommended to have a coffee roast degree analyzer helping you classify roasting degree or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of roasting curve and roasting result for better quality control to coffee roasting vendor’s coffee shop owners or home roasters to save money from reducing the failure rate of roasting high quality (high cost) beans.
MD-500 is an instrument that was designed to measure moisture and density in coffee green beans/cherry/parchment/roasted beans. MD-500 helps green bean buyers to save money from buying water due to its high-accuracy feature, it also helps you understand how wet or dry of the environment you store beans.

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