Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd | Booth D06 (2017)

Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd | Booth D06

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Company Profile

Australian Fruit Juice was incorporated in the year 1973 as a fruit juice manufacturer with the aim of producing high quality fruit juices to over 3,000 outlets. Australian fruit juices is the sole owner of the brand name and through active promotion of the brand over the last 43 years, has positioned itself as the market leader manufacturer and supplier for quality fruit juices to all the major F&B establishments in Singapore.

Our product range have since grown from producing Fruit Juices to distribute other quality products. These products includes 1883 Routin Maison Flavoured Gourmet Syrup from France, Coralba Mineral water from Italian Alps, Biadgi Frappe Powder from USA,  El Sabor Mexican Food products from Greece and many more.


Description of Exhibits

Ripe Juice / Concentrate juice: Made in Singapore with the best fruits from traditional recipes using only the finest ingredients. Made from 100% juice.
Ripe Puree: Made in such a way it captures the essence of real fruits, with enhance flavours and made from the finest ingredients. Plenty of variety to choose from, flavours which are specifically selected and most suitable for beverage and culinary use.


Biadgi Frappe powders: are perfect to offer a wide variety of drinks to your customers. Best selling items on specialty coffee menus. Rich & intense flavours. Versatile bases for many different drinks. Gluten free, trans-fat free, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial sweeteners. 

1883 syrups: Unique flavours created in the pursuit of aromatic excellence. Creativity distilled into a single bottle to enhance every drink. A touch of audacity, a dash of perfection, and an invitation to indulge. Premium syrups 100% made in France to create, to mix, to invent, and to inspire bartenders and baristas over the world.


1883 sauces: Sauces Made in France with the FINEST ingredients to differentiate your drinks and desserts by bringing an authentic and subtle touch, while enhancing the texture. Sauces perfect for Smoothies, Milk, Coffee, Milkshakes, tea, ice creams, sundaes, yoghurts, pancakes and muffins.

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